Professional tutoring offered in all middle grade subjects by certified educators

Music Rx not only provides instruction on all band and orchestra instruments, and piano, but also offers tutoring for middle grades math and more. Our certified instructors have many years of experience in the classroom and as tutors.

Tutoring focuses on practical homework assignments and study strategies.

We will assess your child's learning style and level of skill, tutor him at the appropriate level, and determine his progress on an ongoing basis. Weekly reports will be provided to the parent with suggestions for more effective home study that will result in higher grades in science and math, language arts, and reading. In addition to ongoing assistance, we also provide help with homework assignments, and special or long term projects. Your child will learn strategies to help him organize his time, prioritize the steps required to complete the assignment, and use these concepts to become a better all around student in the classroom.

Tutoring can be one-on-one or in small groups.

In addition to one-on-one we also offer a program for small groups of no more than three students. These may be from the same or different classes, in the same subject. We will use county curriculum guides as well as our own material to assist the student in meeting the requirements of the course work. Should the student need help with computer skills to research information for a specific assignment or project, this will be provided using our on-site computers.

Tutoring will emphasize note-taking and test performance.

There will be special emphasis on note taking and test performance. The student will learn to organize his notes in a concise manner so that important material is contained in an outline while non-essential information is discarded. He will learn to read a test question so that he understands what is being asked, thus avoiding wrong or confusing answers. In the case of questions which have multiple choice answers, he will learn to eliminate the obvious wrong answers first, leaving fewer choices for the correct one.

Tutoring builds a foundation for continued academic success.

We look forward to providing tutoring for your child, whether he needs a little extra help to achieve at grade level, or whether he wishes to excel beyond the average student. Many of our former students tell us, "My skills tutor has helped me to improve and focus my efforts to achieve at a higher academic level." Learning effective study skills and basic concepts in the middle school years will provide a foundation for continued academic success in high school and beyond.

Give us a call today so that we may discuss a program that is right for your child.


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